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Search Engine Affiliate Programs (formerly WayAds)

Offers affiliates 35% of the gross revenue generated by search box and text link traffic. WayAds had rather negative feedback.


Place goClick search box or banner on your site and get up to 2 cents per search. Payments are made once the publisher has earned $25. The only payment method is PayPal.


Offers affiliate program for websites generating more than 1 million web searches a month from U.S. users.


Affiliates receive 60% of what advertisers pay RevenuePilot per each click.

Provides with various linking methods. Only pays for traffic coming from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

It is possible to check online how much a particular keyword is worth across the RevenuePilot Network.

Payments are made NET60 once your balance exceeds $50 dollars.
Reliable tracking and payment.


Pay per click search engine that allows you to place search box or dynamically displayed search results on your site and earn 35% - 50% of the profit on the clicks generated.

Easy cutting & pasting of system-generated code lets you choose look and feel. Detailed online reporting included.

Also get paid 5% - 7% commission on every payment a referred advertiser makes, as well as 2% - 5% from referred affiliates earnings.

News search engine affiliate program promising to pay you 50% of their gross revenue generated from each search your web site refers to SearchFiend. You can add search box code, textlinks or full page advert.

Pays monthly with $50 minimum, and no minimum for a paypal account.

You will receive up to 25% of all your referrals earnings.


Offer a small search box, which allows your visitors to search the web from your site. When a visitor to your site enters a search term in the search box, they are taken to's site where the search results are delivered. You are paid $0.06 each time they click through from your site.

Commissions are paid monthly with a $25.00 minimum. If another webmaster signs up from your site you get 5% of their income.

Some publishers report on unsent payments and fraudalent reporting.


Yellow pages directory. Several linking options: hypertext links, graphic buttons, search forms. $0.03 per click-through. Will pay you on a quarterly basis with $50 minimum. Operated via BeFree.

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