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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation companies currently help over 1 million people to consolidate their unsecured loans, bills, and credit card debts into one easy payment, while saving thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest & credit fees. Join now and enjoy the financial benefits of credit consolidation.
What Is Debt Consolidation?
    Debt consolidation is a process by which companies will negotiate with all of your creditors to obtain the lowest monthly obligation needed to satisfy all of your current accounts. So you pay one "lump" sum monthly which is in turn portioned out to your creditors. This monthly payment will in almost all cases be lower (perhaps by as much as 50%) than the sum of your individual account obligations.
    The reasons why our negotiated monthly payment is lower than the sum of your individual accounts is as follows:
Most companies are a non-profit corporation committed to assisting consumers who have had the unfortunate experience of becoming over extended with consumer debt. In addition to our debt consolidation program in which you can become a member of, they also provide you educational information. Their credit counseling site is designed to assist you in taking charge of your debt.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?
    Debt Consolidation Programs can benefit consumers with an average unsecured debt of $5,000 or more. Unsecured debts include credit card debt, medical bills, service charges, personal loans, signature loans, store credit or charge accounts, gas charge accounts and certain installment loans. They reduce overall monthly debt, save on interest fees, help you to establish a monthly household budget, improve your credit rating by paying creditors in a timely fashion and end collection calls to your house.
    Your "fixed monthly consolidated payment" is calculated according to the lowest payment amount accepted by your creditors. The agency you have hired will distribute the amount of your "fixed monthly consolidated payment" to each creditor. Most creditors will only reduce or stop your interest fees if their minimum payment is met, but if so, the interest rate reduction with these programs can range from no change to the freezing of interest depending on the creditors policy. This can save you thousands because rates that are usually 12%-24% can get reduced to 10%, 8%, 6% or 0%.
    Usually upon entering a debt management consolidation program you would have to close your debt accounts (as well as others). This is a benefit because it will help curb your current spending and it's probably what method caused your debt originally. Sometimes you'll find that you can still own one or two debt consolidation programs
Debt Consolidation Quote
    Fill out their free request forms and one of their debt consolidation representitives will contact you to work out a new reduced payment plan for all your loans and other debts. This free debt consolidation consultation could save you 50% or more in monthly debt payments. Consolidate Your Debt Today.

Debt Consolidation Benefits

Eliminates late charges and other fees 
Helps avoid bankruptcy Eliminates or reduces high interest rates 
Lower debt payments Consolidates debt into a single monthly payment 
Helps improve credit ratings Eliminates creditor harassment 

Debt Consolidation Tips
If possible, always pay off your every month
Set aside money every month for yourself 
Avoid from acquiring numerous credit cards 
Do not carry a lot of cash. If you have it you burn it 
When seeking debt consolidation there are some choices that you can make such as joining a debt management program or seeking consumer credit card counseling. Someone can help you get back on track and help you manage your debt.


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